Controversies in Precision Medicine 2018 - Accolades from 2017

Accolades from 2017


Pia Raanani, Israel
"It is important for me to say how much I enjoyed and how glad I was to be a part of the conference. The event was at an exceptional level, and in my humble opinion it reached its goals and more, the organization was excellent, and the people professional and pleasant."

Denis Noble, UK
"Congratulations on excellent organisation of the Berlin meeting."

Ido Wolf, Israel
"The only way to stimulate discussions is through controversies and by meeting each other. At CPMED 2017 you can see so many wonderful scientists and clinicians from all around Europe and the Globe to exchange ideas, learn more. The “fights” we have on the stage is what stimulate us to go back home and try to do more about our patients”. 

Deepak Asudani, USA
"Thank you for putting together a fascinating conference."

Sahar Gelfman, USA
"I want to thank you for the wonderful meeting and great experience. The venue was beautiful, the food was great and the talks were absolutely fantastic!"

Eran Blaugrund, Israel 
"Thank you again for the excellent organization of the conference on precision medicine!"

Harsha Rajasimha, USA
"Thanks for the fantastic conference."

Stuart Hughes, UK 
"The meeting was really enjoyable."

Thomas Bock, USA
“We all have to come together from different disciplines, geographies, fields, experiences – clinic, non-clinic, computational statistics and so on and I think here in this room we have that diversity of experience to really tackle the big problems in Precision Medicine”

Lior Dor, Israel 
"Thank you very much for the very well organized conference, It was very interesting for me and I enjoyed it very much."