Pre-Disease Intervention: Bringing Precision Medicine from the Back End to the Front End of Diseases. We will focus on how industry perceives the current challenges in precision medicine and their outlook based on specific case studies.

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Thomas Bock
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer HeritX, Santa Monica, USA

Preventing Cancer – Turning a Challenge into Unprecedented Opportunity
Unlike other cancers, we already know the first step in the development of BRCA cancers (the inherited BRCA mutation), can identify BRCA mutation carriers through genetic testing, and focus our unprecedented biomedical tools and technologies to medically intervene before cancer starts. In BRCA, prevention is possible. Moreover, similarities between BRCA pre-cancer and the development of other cancers will make advances in BRCA applicable to other cancers: BRCA is a gateway to cancer prevention.
Matthias Ocker
Head of Biomarker Strategy, Bayer AG, Berlin, Germany

Biomarkers in Oncology Drug Development
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Ludwig Heesen 
Project Manager Clinical Studies, BioNTech, Mainz, Germany

Novel RNA-Based Cancer Immunotherapies
Immunotherapy has evolved as a promising alternative to conventional treatments against cancer. Vaccination with RNAs encoding for tumor-specific antigens or neo-epitopes has been shown to be capable of efficiently inducing antigen-specific T-cell responses and anti-tumor immunity. We have developed pioneering RNA-lipoplex (RNA(LIP)) immunotherapeutics for intravenous application which are currently being tested in clinical trials with promising preliminary results. 

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