Business Perspective

How to bring precision medicine to fields outside of oncology, mendelian rare diseases and infectious diseases. 
We will review what has worked or not worked to date and therefore factors we need to be considering in moving forward. We will hone-in on how to approach building more viable businesses in precision medicine.

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Christian Elze
Senior Partner Catenion, London, UK 

New Business Model for New Drugs
The economics of the innovation model built on private risk capital and biotech firms for translation are unsustainable.
To ensure broad patient access to innovation, we need new forms of financing research, translating research findings into therapies and delivering these therapies to patients.
The talk will cover rare diseases, antibiotics, and gene & cell-based therapies. 

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Robert Wasserman
Chief Medical Officer at Northern Biologics, Toronto, Canada

Biomarker-driven Oncology Drug Development: From Pharmaceutical Giants to a Start-up Biotech
In his presentation, Robert Wasserman will discuss his experiences developing Oncology drugs in regard to Precision Medicine approaches from his time at Novartis and Roche to his current employment at Northern Biologics. Specifically, he will compare and contrast both the scientific approaches and the dedicated resources available to execute on a personalized drug development pathway.

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